Qualities Of A Good Show Jumping Horse

Are you planning to get a show jumping horse? There are specific qualities that you need to look for if you want it to be a good one. Take note that it is not the same as a riding horse. You need to look into specific qualities to help it perform well during competitions.

Qualities of a show jumping horse

Here are the three important qualities that you should look for when getting a horse that will excel in show jumping events.

Shape and structure

This is also known as the conformation of the horse. It has a huge influence on how it will perform during competitions. You need to meet the minimum height of the horse. When determining the height, make sure to consider your own too. If you are tall, you might need a taller horse as well. Usually, a tall horse can easily jump taller fences – but there has been evidence of smaller ones can also do the same. It is all about the skill and practise. Among the other parts that you need to check are the legs too. It has to be straight and sturdy. The hooves should be well-trimmed and also uniformed. Make sure there are no signs of tendon injuries or even club feet. Finally, you should look for long and upright shoulders. These are needed to help them with their form as they jump fences.

Form while jumping or running

Before you buy a show jumping horse, make sure you ride it. You need to get a feel for how it jumps while you are on it. Of course, you also have to watch someone else do it so you can see how the horse jumps from afar. There are horses who are quite sloppy when jumping – while there are those who can do it naturally. Go for the latter because that means you do not have to spend too much time training it. You should also be cautious of how the horses react as they approach the fence. If their ear perks up or they look eager, that is a good sign. They have to appear focused and well aware of what they need to do – this is what will make them a good show jumper.


A horse with a good history and experience is always a good thing. If they have competed in the past, that is a good sign. It will help you determine the right strategy when it comes to training them. Not only that, if they remain eager to jump and seems to have fun while going through the obstacles, it will bode well for your future with that horse. If the horse has some competition history, take a look at the details of the difficulty level, placement, and demands. It will help you determine what the horse can do.

These are the three important qualities that you need to look for in a good show jumping horse. If everything checks out, then that could be the perfect horse for you.

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