Thinking About A Year In Germany

I am thinking about spending a year in Germany. I heard about stables there looking for people who will lend a hand. They provide your board and lodging as long as you help them out in the stables. From what I have read, those who work in these stables get a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to caring for a horse. If I go to a show jumping stable, I might be able to train in show jumping too. This is really something that had been lingering in my mind for quite some time now.

Working in Germany for a year

Of course, I need to make sure that my year in Germany will be very fruitful. There are a couple of things that I need to focus on.


The stable that I will go to will play an important role in this endeavour. Since I want to improve my show jumping skills, it would be ideal to go to a stable that specifically trains horses in this event. However, I do understand if there are times when this is not available. As long as there is a stable where I can learn how to care for and train horses properly, I know it should be rewarding enough.


Obviously, the owner is an important consideration. I need to read reviews about the stable owner. Are they accommodating? How are they in treating their volunteers? Do they train both horses and riders? Most of the people who accept volunteers like me in exchange for lodging and training are usually very friendly. But one thing that I need to look into is their skill and reputation when it comes to horses. I want to work with someone who is knowledgeable of horses and if possible, show jumping. Any other skill that involves horses would also be welcome. It would be nice to know that I can get something new out of this.


Since I will be living for a year in Germany, I need to know specific details about where I will stay. Having my own bedroom and bathroom is ideal for me. I do not mind sharing the kitchen and everything else. I also need to know the arrangement when it comes to the food. I heard that most of the stable owners will include food in the freebies when you volunteer to help. As long as all my basic needs are met, I do not have a problem working in the stables.

Hopefully, I can arrange everything and find the perfect stable that will let me stay with them for a year in Germany.

admin / 8 maj, 2018 / Show Jumping