A Blog About Show Jumping

Hi, my name is Cheska and welcome to my blog about show jumping! I am an amateur show jumper and I have always been a big fan of horses since I was small. I grew up in a small town and my father introduced me to the wonderful world of show jumping.

I own 2 horses – Midnight and Hope. They have been with me for years – with Midnight being my first horse. I have used them in competitions in the past but I have to say that Midnight is my favourite so far.

About show jumping

For those of you wondering what show jumping is all about – well let me enlighten you. This is a type of equestrian event that is also known by other names like open jumping, stadium jumping, or jumping. This is a sport that is also included in the Olympics.

In some competitions, this event is purely about jumping while others will include various events and disciplines. There is usually a sanctioning organisation that is responsible for every competition. In the UK, this is the British Showjumping Association. International competitions are sanctioned by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports.

About the website

This website will mostly be about show jumping and horses in general. There will be a lot of articles that will give you the basic information about this equestrian sport. As you browse the site, you will learn about the qualities that a horse should have to make it great at show jumping. There will be mentions of specific horses that have been considered as the best when it comes to being show jumping horses. Of course, there will also be mentions of the best riders in the sport – some of them will be my favourites.

Since I love the sport so much, you can bet that you will read about some of my own competitions. There has been food and bad ones – I will share all of that with you. Among the things I will share will include the best way to care for horses – specifically when it comes to the food and exercise.

Basically, this website will also cover a couple of things about my life – most of which will be about show jumping, of course. Like how I cope with all the expenses and accessories that I need to be able to compete. I will also share with you some of my adventures – like how I sometimes dabble in casino games and off-course gambling on horses. Anyway, I hope you get to learn a lot about the sport as you go through this site.